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Download Software

Latest versions of following Thermodata software products may be downloaded here.

These products may be used in a limited evaluation mode for 30 days from the date of first installation.

To continue using Thermodata software after the 30 day evaluation period, please purchase a license from Thermodata or one of our resellers.

These products are compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista.

Thermodata Viewer       version 3.2.12

Installation package (17 MB) - Download


TDHC Manager     version 1.2.2

TDHC Manager is provided with the TDHC400 data downloader. It includes device drivers and a utility to configure and maintain the TDHC 400. It also downloads and saves stored data as a .csv file for use with Excel and other applications.

Installation package (6.6 MB) - Download

d support applications - Download 

Thermochron analysis application

This application uploads a snapshot of the logger memory to enable analysis and troubleshooting by Thermodata.

Installation package (1.5 MB) - Download








USB 1-Wire adaptor and Blue Dot receptor

A Blue Dot™ receptor cable and a 1‑Wire™ adapter are required to use Thermodata software. Any of the following adapters may be used:

  • DS9490R (USB)

  • DS9097U-009 (serial DB9)

  • Link45i (serial DB9)

  • LinkUSBi (USB)


The TDHC400 data downloader is supported by Thermodata 3 and TDHC Manager software.

TDHC400 Downloader